Privacy policy


At OLÁ HOTEL we guarantee our passengers the reserved handling of their personal data and the protection of their privacy. In this regard, this document sets the standards according to which at OLÁ HOTEL we will use the received personal information.

In accordance with the applicable law, the norms will guide our passengers, suppliers, agents or intermediaries, collaborators, external service providers, and their dependents.

Personal Information

We will understand personal information as such any information about a person that OLÁ HOTEL collects or may receive from its guests:

Personnel: Passenger identification, birth data, gender, nationality, relevant dates such as birthdays and others, ID and Passport numbers, visa or other immigration records.

Contact: Telephone, mobile and landline, e-mail, residence and other postal code, personal and office address.

Financial: Debit and credit card data, transaction history, consumer expense information, and labor and/or company information.

Records: Images, social media information, photographs and CCTV recordings, voice identity preferred language and others, associated clubs and organizations in which the passenger participates.

Stay: Dates of check in and check out, and routes used, places and hotels where the Passenger has stayed, information on preferences and requests, information on discount programs and others, observations about service preferences (rooms, vacations and others) requests for sale, dialed numbers, fax phones and received calls numbers.

Preferences: Comments and/or actions of the passenger that provide information about their preferences and decision making.

Other information: Collected in OLÁ HOTEL or in attached facilities, whether through CCTV, internet, cable or wireless networks, smart devices, mobile, security system, key card and technology that includes behavior and behavior patterns, preferences and routines among others.

Third-party data: Relevant and contact information about corporate accounts, suppliers and others with whom, such as OLÁ HOTEL, have business relationships (agents, intermediaries, meeting and event organizers, security services, special services, etc.).

The rules on information management at OLÁ HOTEL will apply to all personal information, which cannot be classified as public information.

Undeniably, OLÁ HOTEL complies local legislation regarding the protection of personal data and will use this information only for the purposes allowed by law.

In case of judicial requirement or administrative authority requirement, the information will be delivered according to the applicable law.

Use of personal information

In accordance with internationally accepted practices and Chilean law, OLÁ HOTEL may collect, and eventually share with third parties, personal information, to:

  • Reservations and billing for accommodation and for the provision of other goods and services.
  • Provide the Passenger with a level of special and personalized services from third parties (additional hotel services and others)
  • Organize programs and tourism services, such as expeditions, tours, restaurants, transportation services and others.
  • Develop special programs for the passengers, if required.
  • Conduct Passenger satisfaction and quality control surveys, market studies, sales promotions, etc., inside and outside the facilities of OLÁ HOTEL.
  • Protect the protection and security needs of personnel, passengers or other visitors.
  • Handle documents.
  • Comply with regulatory and legal requirements.
  • Evaluate and test new services and products.
  • Issue credit inquiries.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Only in those cases in which it is strictly necessary, and in accordance with Chilean legislation and always taking care of the privacy of OLÁ HOTEL guests, disclosure of received personal information will be permitted.

However, when required by law, an authorization will be requested.

In the event the information is required by the judicial or administrative authority, OLÁ HOTEL will seek to prevent negative effects and will proceed with discretion as the situation advises.

In the following cases or situations OLÁ HOTEL may eventually provide personal information to third parties:

  • For the provision of certain services, OLÁ HOTEL may disclose Passenger information to third parties. The third party will be obliged to respect these policies in all procedures related to the services provided to OLÁ HOTEL passengers.
  • In order to optimize passenger services, information could be shared with suppliers, advisors or consultants, seeking to protect their privacy.
  • If the Passenger requests credit, personal information will be disclosed to third parties, in accordance with local laws, in order to determine the financial capacity of the applicant.
  • OLÁ HOTEL may disclose personal information if a national of foreign authority or court requires it to do or if it considers it necessary or convenient to comply with the law or protect its rights in accordance with local laws. In addition, it reserves the right to retain the collected personal information and process such information to comply with accounting, tax, or any other regulations.

Information management outside Chile

If the personal information of the Passenger is required to be informed internationally to a private or public entity, such transfer shall be subject to the current legislation of the State destination of the information.

In any event, especially if the data protection standards of the destination State were lower than compared to those in Chile, OLÁ HOTEL will seek to maintain adequate protections and oblige the third party receiving the information to protect the personal information of the Passenger in accordance with the terms and conditions of this document.

Visit to UGO HOTEL websites

Regarding visits to websites or other applications of OLÁ HOTEL:

Navigation: The visitors can access without revealing their identity.

Usage information: When accessing the website, OLÁ HOTEL is authorized to collect information on how the visitor uses these sites, such as IP addresses, time and date of visit, pages accessed and the amount of time spent in each of them, the internet browser used, the operating system used, among others. This information is not related to the visitor as an individual, but records of the type of devices being used may be kept.

Cookies: OLÁ HOTEL, in order to improve the functionality of its sites, uses technology known as cookies. These will not be used to reveal its identity, although it identifies the visitors’ browser or device. In case the visitor does not accept cookies, it could block them adjusting the configuration of the internet browser. In case cookies are blocked, it may not be possible to use all the functions of the OLÁ HOTEL websites. The same applies to cookies from third party service providers on the OLÁ HOTEL websites.

Newsletter: OLÁ HOTEL will keep the information provided by subscribers in private, and will be used only for related purposes.

Networks: Visits to the social networks of OLÁ HOTEL will be subject to the information protection policies established therein. In the event that the visitor communicates with OLÁ HOTEL contact through these networks, their identity will also be kept private.

Minors: In the case of visitors with less than 18 years (or minor in the jurisdiction from where it accesses), it can use the available tools on the OLÁ HOTEL website, just with the required authorizations to engage goods and services.

Promotions with third parties: OLÁ HOTEL may share with other companies promotions or offers that believes may be convenient for the Passenger. Ads on websites or apps are included.

Suppliers, tour operators, intermediaries, agents and service providers.

When operating or contracting with OLÁ HOTEL, suppliers, tour operators, intermediaries, agents and external service providers, or any other third party that provides services to OLÁ HOTEL and/or its passengers, directly or indirectly, expressly accepts the entire content of this document and, in addition the following obligations:

  • Personal information that comes to their knowledge, directly or indirectly, must be kept under reserve, being inhibited from share with third parties.
  • The information must be deleted and/or destroyed within the following 12 months, unless expressly authorized by the Passenger or OLÁ HOTEL.
  • The reservation obligation extends to dependents who access computer systems, servers, physical facilities or to OLÁ HOTEL, who will be subject to the same confidentiality and reservation obligations established for OLÁ HOTEL workers, if applicable.

OLÁ HOTEL workers

OLÁ HOTEL workers must strictly comply with the rules of this document.

They must also strictly observe the following guidelines:

  • The personal information of passengers must be kept under absolute reservation, and exceptionally shared with others in cases authorized by OLÁ HOTEL.
  • Personal information accidentally received cannot be shared or registered.
  • It is forbidden to request hotel passengers the following: photographs, autographs, videos, recordings or gifts.
  • The request for information via e-mail or telephone will be answered maintaining the confidentiality, avoiding the inclusion of others, unless it corresponds.
  • If the worker doubts whether the information is personal or not, he should immediately consult his superior.
  • In the event the information could eventually constitute or account for a crime or simple crime or could compromise the reputation, security or prestige of OLÁ HOTEL, its facilities or its clientele, staff or third parties, it must be disclosed immediately to the management.

Access to personal information, questions and complaints

The Passenger may require the personal information that OLÁ HOTEL maintains.

For this purpose, the passenger should send an email to indicating name, address and telephone number as well as a copy of a document certifying its identity. The Passenger may request the correction, elimination, abandonment of use, processing the information or restrict the processing of personal information maintained by OLÁ HOTEL.

In addition, to exercise its rights in relation to personal information that OLÁ HOTEL retains, the management of OLÁ HOTEL can be contacted through the following:

Telephone: +562 32934200


Applicable law

The processing of personal information will be subject to the laws of the Republic of Chile.